agro ecotourism project

This Project is born as an incentive for the tourists to visit and enjoy the rain and cloud forest, that’s why the community formed a special group and developed a series of activities pro-environment. This is your opportunity to have an actual interaction with the community and discover our rural culture and help them in some of their work in organic agriculture or the cheese factory, among others. The project is located in a mountain so it is humid and cold.

Work to do:

. Support the cheese factory work.
. Support the organic agriculture greenhouse.
. Trail maintenance.
. Facilities housekeeping and maintenance.
. Sign fabrication.
. Milk the cows.
. Community projection, helping on the construction of a community kitchen and a wall for the school.
. Help in the butterfly farm.

There is a shelter for the volunteers, with electricity and potable water. It has 3 rooms that can hold 4 persons each. There is also a bathroom with hot water. Just across the street, there is a paid phone. The meals are provided by the Project, at the restaurant located around 800 meters from the housing.

If you want, you can live with the Chavarría Chávez family; they can host from 1 to 4 volunteers, and you can share and learn from the always nice family life, and participate in their day to day activities.

There is also a laundry service that only charges ¢100 per piece, including the dryer. The persons in charge of the Project have first aid skills, and there is an EBAIS service every other week.

You can pick you day off, and appropriately coordinate with the Project’s personnel. You can go to different places in Costa Rica. You can take a cab to go there for ¢4.000 – ¢10.000.

For more information about this project, please contact us.