Step 1:

Complete the Registration Form, available at the menu button registrate now or click here. You can choose the Spanish classes and homestay program here.

Step 2:

After your registration, we will contact you as soon as possible. To start our search we need your:

  • Resume
  • Photo
  • Report sheets

* Please make sure all the documents are recent.

As soon as we receive these we will start our search for the right internship. Please keep in mind that searching for an internship opening takes time. On the average we need up to 2 months for the process. There- fore please apply on time.

Step 3:

When we found options for you, we will let you know by e-mail. Then we can also discuss if the homestay program and Spanish classes can be arranged by us or not. It is possible to reserve your place inmmediatly or you can visit the place first (when you are in Costa Rica) and decide if it really fits your needs.

Step 4:

If this is an assignment for your school. Make sure that they approve your possition or give us a list with the rules of your school (step 2).

Step 5:

After you arrive in Costa Rica, we will set up an appointment and take care of the last things. For the duration of your stay, you can use our helpdesk. l