Help in a marine species National Park

Help in a marine species National Park

The National Park was created to ensure the health of the critical reproduction and nesting habitats of many marine species, and to preserve the productivity of the biological communities that live in the coastal zone. This place protects sandy beaches, rocky beaches, islands, rocky reefs and organic reefs, among others.

In the marine environment, we can find common crab species, worms, lobsters, seaweeds, many fish species, sponges and mollusks. There’s also a couple of reptile species: the green iguana and one basilisk. Among the marine birds, there’s the frigate bird, white ibis, pelicans and brown motmots.

Work to do:

. Trail maintenance
. Clean up of camping areas and general infrastructure
. Customer service to tourists
. Support the ranger’s patrols
. Clean up beaches

In your days off you can enjoy the beach or visit other places.

The volunteers will share the house with the rangers, and they will have one of the rooms with two punk beds. The meals are provided three times a day, (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and it’s a typical costarican meal, with rice, beans, pasta, meat, vegetables and fruit.

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