Help in a Natural Reserve

Help in a Natural Reserve

It has a tropical dry forest, in transition to tropical rain forest. If you hike its trails you can enjoy its vegetation and some fauna species like the howler monkey, iguanas and a great variety of birds and aquatic birds. The trails are one of the main attractions of the park, where the majestic forest will take the visitors to some marvelous sight seeing places.

The reserve has a total surface of 1.270 Ha in-land, and 1.700 Ha in the ocean including the island. There are trees like Espavel, Sonzapote, Ojoche, Guácimo, Jobo, Guarumo, Indio Desnudo, Pochote, etc. And there are animals like squirrels, deers, monkeys (howler and white faced), coatis, agoutis, coyotes, ocelots, birds like the brown pelican, the frigate birds, brown boobies, etc.

There are 3 different stations.

Work to do:

. Housekeeping in the house and shop
. Clean the surrounding gardens and green areas
. Trail and road maintenance
. Infrastructure maintenance
. Bridge maintenance
. Clean the beach
. Clean signs
. Maintenance of the limits of the park

The volunteers have one day off per day and they can use it to enjoy the beach or the forest.

Food is provided three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner): it consists of a typical Costa Rican meal that has rice, beans, pasta, one type of meat, vegetables and fruit.

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