Help needed in a national park

Help needed in a national park

There is an amazing cavern system in this National Park, where 19 caves have been explored. The caves have an amazing subterranean landscape, with their unusual formations created by the interaction between the water and the calcium carbonate (stalactites, stalagmites). Today, just one cave is open for the tourists, since it has all the appropriate conditions for a safe descent of the visitors.

This national park belongs to the Tempisque Conservation Area (ACT), and has a total area of 2297 hectares. Today, the Park is covered by myrtles, secondary forest and evergreen forest. Different species can be observed, such as the white-throated Magpie-jay, the band tailed pigeon or the white-winged dove, the coatis, raccoons, agoutis, white-tailed deer, or ant eaters, among others.

Work to do:

. Trail maintenance
. Housekeeping and maintenance
. Signage
. Document translations
. Support environmental education activities
. Customer service for tourism
. Support Control and Protection activities

There are three rooms for three persons each, in a bed and a small mattress. The rooms have electricity, potable water and a public telephone. Food is provided three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner): it consists of a typical Costa Rican meal that has rice, beans, pasta, one type of meat, vegetables and fruit.

As volunteer you have one day off per week, from Saturday at noon until Sunday afternoon. Then you can visit other places in Costa Rica.

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