plaint signs in corcovado

A beautifull park in Corcovado

In Corcovado there are still signs of indigenous occupancy during the pre-Hispanic period. It is a Park that does not have the usual comforts of a touristy site, but it has another kind of richness, which becomes an adventure on its own for its visitors. Corcovado is considered the little “Amazonas” of Costa Rica because it holds 2% of the planet’s biodiversity. Its area is 42.469 hectares.

There are some important wood species like Ajo, Ojoche, Cedro caracolito, among others. The fauna is also impressive, with species like the scarlet macaw, the peccary, the jaguar, and the crocodile, among others that are also endangered species.

Work to do:

. Green areas maintenance.
. Cooking or helping the cook.
. Trail construction and maintenance.
. Housekeeping and infrastructure maintenance.
. Customer Service to the tourists
. Support control and protection activities

This park has four stations, In the first station, there is potable water and electricity; in the second and third there is also potable water, but the electricity is generated through solar panels. Every station has the basic infrastructure to receive and host one volunteer, and there are trails and view points. There is also an small airport in one of the stations.

Food is provided three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner): it consists of a typical Costa Rican meal that has rice, beans, pasta, one type of meat, vegetables and fruit. The volunteers could be required to help prepare the meals.

The day off will be defined once in the Park with the administrators, and the volunteer can hike through the trails and really get to know Corcovado . It is not possible to go outside the park because of the long distances. There is no Internet access, supermarkets or banks, so it is important you do everything before entering the park.

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