Rainforest project

Save the Rainforest

In this rainforest you can find endangered species like the Jabiru (or Galán sin Ventura – how they call it in Costa Rica ), trees like the Guayacán real, Cocobolo and Ron Ron. It has one of the remaining 3 sites with tropical dry forest in Mesoamerica . Also, it protects Pájaros Island , place where there is one of the biggest aquatic bird count per area in Central America . It belongs to Tilarán Conservation Area (ACT) and has a total area of 18.418 ha.

Work to do:

. Trail and infrastructure maintenance.
. Signage.
. Translation of documents.
. Customer service, for the visitors.
. Wild fire prevention.
. Painting.
. Work at the carpenter’s shop.
. Green areas and camping areas maintenance.
. Help at the kitchen.
. Cleanout roads.

There are three stations where you can work, and you can actually rotate from station to station. The first station is with bunk beds, electricity, a fan and potable water; sometimes, if the rooms are full, you can use one of the bedrooms at the ranger’s house. The second station, there is electricity, potable water and also a shelter. In the third station, there is room for one or two volunteers; there is potable water and electricity with solar panels.

Food is provided three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner): it consists of a typical Costa Rican meal that has rice, beans, pasta, one type of meat, vegetables and fruit. Sometimes you will need to help cooking.

You can enjoy your day off in the Park, hiking the trails and go bird watching at the mangroves. You can also negotiate with the Park’s administration so you can leave the Park, but you will need to pay ¢24.000 to a cab, for the trip.

For more information about this project, please contact us.