Rescue Monkeys

The main objective of this Rescue Center is to re-introduce the rescued animals back into their natural habitats. There is a property of 23 hectares of secondary tropical dry forest with a pretty flat topography, dry weather and 2 well defined seasons: dry season goes from November to April and rain season goes from May to October.

Here, veterinarians and biologists study and research the quality of life of toucans, coyotes, monkeys and other animals. They are well recognized by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, under the Tempisque Conservation Area’s supervision.

Work to do:

. General housekeeping and maintenance
. Lawn
. Clean cages
. Feed the animals
. Assistance to the vet.
. Trail Construction and maintenance
. Work at the butterfly farm
. Work at the garden
. Customer service to tourists
. If wanted, guide tour within the park

This rescue center has one room to lodge the volunteers, located at the entrance; it has a bunk bed but one additional bed can be added if needed; also there is a small area where you can keep your personal belongings (clothes and others), a little kitchen that works with gas, a refrigerator and a microwave oven, showers and restrooms, and an area to do the laundry manually. All that, is just across the volunteer room. There also offer meals for the volunteers in a small restaurant (soda) close to the rescue center.

The day off can be negotiated with the administrators; you can also request permission to leave the facilities at night, and return before 4:00 pm next day. There is a guard at night, so it is very important you report out to him the time when you would be getting back.

For more information about this project, please contact us.